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Get to know Humbled Hands Pottery

Hi! We're Marcus and Adrienna. We live in Northwest Arkansas with our two young boys + foster kiddos, two dogs, and a cat who does what he wants. Humbled Hands was born when we were on the cusp of adopting our second son from foster care. We needed an additional source of income, so we decided to turn a hobby
into a small business! We currently use our garage as a workshop/studio and park our cars in the driveway. 

Marcus has been doing ceramics on and off for 10+ years, while Adrienna is relatively new to pottery. Marcus is the man behind the mugs, the clay master of our operation. Adrienna loves colors, painting, and business. We make a good team.

We'd love it if you would connect with us on social media! You can find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook: Humbled Hands Pottery
Instagram: @humbledhandspottery

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