Get to know Moonlite Mama

Ever since I could remember, I have always had an artist vibe. Whether it was making clothing, painting, gardening, wood working, sewing, making cleaning products, or bath and body items. I’ve dabbled in many creative outlets.

My one true medium, rising above all the rest, is Resin. Resin just blows my mind. I am constantly trying to see what else I can make with this medium. The element that I love is the slight unpredictability it has, which is ironic due to my need to have control over everything around me.

That very well could be why I’m drawn to it.

Its a release, an escape. Art is so healing. I live for being in the studio, getting into that creative vibe, music going and just drifting away in thoughts for hours. Art is my therapy.

Moonlite Mama started as a dream and turned into a reality. I specialize in Botanical Resin Art using High Grade Resin, Forged Botanicals, Locally Sourced Flowers & Additional Elements.

Moonlite Mama is based out of Mountain Home, AR.

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