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Get to know Burl and Branch Carving and Woodcraft

Burl and Branch Carving and Woodcraft

Burl and Branch really started right before The Pandemic when I scraped up enough money to buy a few tools, just to get myself started carving. After I made a couple bowls, I started gaining some traction on Etsy. This led to more tools, more orders, and more Instagram posts of sawdust selfies. Now, what started as a hobby has turned into a full scale operation. 

   I decided early on that I was not going to buy wood. There is far too much of it going to waste as it is. My method and principle became "you give me a tree and I'll make you a piece", so no trees are getting cut from the forest, and I am able to bring new life to a tree that was dead, downed, or hazardous.

Burl and Branch Carving and Woodcraft offers bowls, candlesticks, French rolling pins, and soon charcuterie boards and tables, all made locally from Arkansas trees.

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